The new A Beautiful Mess app. I love the ability to create a quick promo flyer, scrapbook image, twitter graphic, or just-for-fun pic right from my phone.

    I am a huge believer in creating with what you have. I think the iPhone is one of the best tools for making this happen. With so many free (or really darn cheap) editing tools, a relatively good camera, and the fact that it is ALWAYS with me, my phone just can’t be beat. Having a crafting tool always in my pocket helps me capture so many more little or random moments.

    I can’t wait to see how far I can take these creations and how I can push myself.

  2. dakotafloyd:


    Click through for Facebook event page.

    There will also be a FREE DOUBLE COLA BAR. Yep. I’m buying a bunch of soda to give out for free. The one trade-off is that I really want this to be a soda-only show. I give you soda, you drink that instead of beer? Please? Just for this show?  Or I dunno, every show?

    this is a flyer I made. for a show I am unbelievably excited about. for some jams I can’t wait to sing along and cry with. 

    who knew february could bring some good things?

  3. hand-drawn types forever makin’ me swoon.


    Whilst my guitar gently weeps

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  4. its a new year. full of new resolutions and the best of hopes and twinkles in eyes.

    this year, I want to continue to challenge myself creatively. but mostly, I want to challenge myself to document it better, like any good communication graduate would. so heres my 2013 craft goal…to create 23 projects in my 23rd year, with 23 materials.

    my goal is do these projects with other people or for other people or in new settings. I want this to be a collaborative project that not only lets me keep my fingertips busy, but also helps me develop and grow my craft community and my heart’s passion for creating for others.

    here’s to 2013.

    the inspiration comes from this blog here: enJOY it. check out all of elise’s creative projects and day-to-day adventures.

  5. today was a day full of finding inspiration in everyday adventures.

    a day with the boy meant frozen yogurt dates and visits to the pumpkin patch and holding hands. such sweet little moments somehow led to the most wonderful afternoon of couples crafting. I love getting to show my boy how much I love him by painting him a picture…a paintbrush seems to help the words come out right.

    sometimes, just being happy with what you are doing and whose hand you are holding is the best inspiration there is.


  6. everyday, the sun rises.

    hey y’all. 

    it’s time for some honesty. sometimes, you have really great plans and dreams and it’s new years and you know (you just know) that you are going to have time on time and that this year will be the year and blah-blah-blah, so you start a project. but…these projects never seem to go as planned. this blog is a prime example of that.

    but, I’m bringing it back. less rules, less structure…but the same basis. I still want this to be a home for creation. so I’m going to post my creative attempts and crafts as well as my latest design work and projects that I do in my “professional career.” but I’m also going to make it a little bit more about me…and how much creativity plays into my life and how my daily adventures affect how I see and create. so be prepared for some culinary efforts, a lot of instagrams, some ramblings on typefaces or movies or music, and just other bits and bobbles of my life.

    see y’all around.

  8. jaymug:

    Creativity takes no excuses.

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  9. week 7: february 12-18

    this week, I played on a lot of mac computers and created some twin peaks fan art. if you haven’t seen the show, well then you should…it’s on netflix. but just be warned, the last episode sucks more than anything else, ever.

    I took an image in photoshop, re-painted over it “format” style (think: interventions & lullabies)… and then transferred the image into indesign and added some text. I love me some adobe creative suite.

  10. week 6: february 5-11

    this week’s project was my valentines day project to the boyfriend…pizza bunting (he really likes pizza).


    1. felt
    2. craft glue
    3. scissors
    4. ribbon
    5. needle & thread

    this was a pretty fun project…mostly because I LOVE making bunting. (sorry, you’ll probably see it a lot on the blog). I started out but cutting out a ton of individual shapes (aka—toppings) for each slice—the crust, sauce, chees, mushrooms, olives, peppers, pepporoni’s, etc. I then got to have a blast custom creating each slice. I made them all a little different, so it would look like a bunch of actual slices of pie. I then fabric glued all of the layers together. when they were all assembled and dried, I spaced each out on a length of ribbon and simply stitched each corner of the slices to the ribbon. I made sure to leave a decent amount on each end for hanging purposes, and voila!

  11. week 5: january 29-february 4

    my job as of now is to basically design the majority of the publicity for my college’s campus activities board. so this week I created a banner for this bug event I helped plan for campus…casino night. I used adobe photeshop to digitally amnipulate and edit several photos, then layered them on top on one another and added custom text. the banner looked pretty sweet hanging in front of the event, if I do say so myself. this is probably one of my favorite things I’ve created for my job so far.

  12. week 4: january 22-28

    this weeks’s project…card-making. unfortuablty, not my forte. but I tried, and that is what this journey is all about.

    I used stamps, paper, scissors, glue, markers, and glitter to decorate some pre-cut blank cards. I tried to use embossing powder and this awesome heat gun I acquired…but it was an epic fail. but boyfriend crafted with me, and it was a pretty cute and enjoyable time had by all. also, glitter was all over my apartment for the next month and a half. oops? 

  13. before

    week 3’s project: january 15-21st 2012


    1. pair of shoes 
    2.  spray paint
    3. glitter paint (optional)— I used acrylic
    4. sealant spray

    this week, I had a banquet to go to and was trying to have an all-gold ensemble. I needed shoes, so I decided to try and make my own. I actually LOVED how they turned out. to create these, I spray painted an old pair of black heels (this took about three coats, FYI). I let each coat dry thoroughly before I applied the next. then, I covered the entire shoe in a thick layer of acrylic glitter paint, just for a bit of sparkle. after letting that layer dry for awhile, I sprayed the shoes with a craft sealant, for both protections and a bit of shine. the paint does scratch a bit, but the extra layers helped a lot. overall, they were a pretty quality special occasion shoe.

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    Chris Piascik


  15. these were my this weeks craft. I’ll blog more about them later.